55 (Episode 9)


This week…..on 55…..

Once again I figured on having a pretty uneventful week. Name a new coach, get our recruits lined up and on board with the new staff and carry on. Boy was I wrong. In this weeks 55 I have so much info I may not be able to put a lot of pictures in, or joke on Shawn during the monologue. (Sorry Pal) From Old friends to new ones and commitments given and taken away, this has been quite the week. So sit down and buckle up because this week’s episode is sure to take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.

So once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This is….55

1) Poona Ford de-committed

2) Chris Nelson de-committed

3) BOTH are now considering Texas

4) Thanks Charlie…..glad you are not cut like that

5) Charlie Strong

6) Sorry Charlie……

7) George Rushing de-committed from the Cards also as well as Isaiah Ford….hopefully both can find their way back home to the ‘Ville

8) It has been rumored that current Purdue U (PU for short)  RB Dalyn Dawkins may be trying to find his way back home. It was a shame that Charlie didn’t recruit the in-state kids more than he did. More on this later…

9) He stated in an interview after being hired at Texas that he was glad to be in a state that has talent to recruit….or something along those lines. Classy move Chuck

10) Almost as classy as what he says during the following interview…..


12) Yep you heard him right, he was job hunting before our bowl game….SMH 13) Well, at least the new staff will be appreciative of being here, a guy who is ready to stay here forever, a new guy by the name of….Bobby Petrino?

Bobby Petrino

14) In a strange twist of fate, Bobby Petrino was officially named the new Head Coach of the University of Louisville on Thursday. Bobby was 41-9 during his first HC stint at UofL and averaged 1 million points per game

15) During the fan get-together Bobby stated that there were new lights in the scoreboard and he intended on using them, love to hear that coach

16) For those wondering Vance Bedford moved over to take the DC job at Texas and Shawn Watson was named qb coach

17) hehe…qb coach

18) Among the Cards’ new staff was legendary FSU DB Terrell Buckley. Should be a solid get for the Cards as most remember T-Buck..patent pending…as one of the best to play college football at his position


20) Oh yeah…there was that too

21) Also among the hirings was WKU Strength & Conditioning coach Joe Miday. Assistant S&C coach Scott Wilks, Co-Star of the following video, was also brought over from WKU. Steve posted the following video displaying Coach Midays soft side


23) WOW…I may have set you up for disappointment with the soft side stuff

24) Click here for what Justin thought of the hire, here for Daryl’s take

25) Other name hired: Former Miami great Lamar Thomas to coach WR

26) OL coach from Iowa State Chris Klenakis

27) Our new OC is Garrick McGee from UAB….he left his position as Head Coach to come run the offense here

28) We paid the next guy 1 million dollars to leave the DC job at Georgia, Todd Grantham. You can find out more about Grantham here

29) Also grabbed former Cards L.D. Scott and Kolby Smith from the WKU staff

30) Still a few more slots to fill on the coaching staff

31) I think it’s safe to say that nothing else weird will happen since most of the new news is over……Oh wait

32) In one of the most shocking turn of events I have ever seen in my days following football, the University of Louisville rescinded their offer to 4* stud and #1 FB in the country Daniel Gresham. I would like to think there was a justified reason for this to occur. I would also like to think one day I will wake up and find a money tree in my back yard

33) moneytree

34) So you’re saying there’s a chance…..

35) I digress

36) All jokes aside, best of luck to the young man.

37) One rumored possibility of a reason why we let Gresham go was the addition of the aforementioned Dawkins returning home to play for the Cards and also the addition of a Furby….

38) furby

39) How in the name of football was that a fair trade?

40) Oh Ferby….as in D’Andre Ferby, the 6-1 219 RB from Tennessee that ran all over Trinity last year in the regular season. Well that makes more sense now…here is his highlight reel


42) Moving on

43) Also rumors swirling that Ace Wales and Damarcus Smith, currently on the WKU roster, may be trying to find a way back home as well. Stay Tuned

44) Don’t forget to catch CardinalSportsZone.com featured on @TalkinNOIZ every Thursday on 1080 AM from 12:06-1. The show can be heard Monday thru Friday….great stuff by Lloyd Spence and the gang

45) Well I have went on about Football for 45 topics so lets switch gears a little, The Reigning and Defending National Champion Cardinals (That never gets old) went 1-1 this week losing to Memphis at home on Thursday then defeating SMU at home on Sunday

46) The Cards are nowhere near Championship form at this point, but when to Pitino teams look flawless in January?

47) By the way Luke can hit the 3 ball and at the :15 mark Montrezl can do this

48) In their only game this week the Lady Cards were led by Shoni Schimmel who scored 25 points to help Louisville defeat USF 62-54

Shoni Schimmel

49) I meant the UofL Women’s Basketball team….my bad Ladies!

50) The University of Louisville men’s tennis team concluded the UCF Quad Tournament with eight wins Sunday. Go Tennis!

51) The  No. 13-ranked University of Louisville women’s swimming and diving team beat Houston 210-85 and Cincinnati 211-84 in an American Athletic Conference double dual meet Saturday afternoon

52) The Volleyball Cards had a rare mid-semester addition when Eleni Georgiafandis, a 5-3 libero from Knoxville, Tenn., joined the Cardinals according to University of Louisville head coach Anne Kordes

53) Before I forget, Lloyd Tubman, a 4* DE from Seneca High School flipped his commitment from Vandy to Penn State on Saturday. When asked by the CJ if his commitment to Penn State was solid he said he was still considering uk and the Cards. It is known that the Cards haven’t offered him yet but Tubman is confident we will. May be something to watch in the future

54) This past Saturday The University of Louisville Hall of Fame welcomed 5 athletes into It’s ranks. Two of my friends were among those five. Men’s Basketball legend DeJuan Wheat and fellow Football player and Football great Chris Redman. It couldn’t have happened to two better guys. Proud of you guys. Me and Chris were in the same recruiting class. We all had a very memorable first day…lol…That’s my Quarterback!

55) It wasn’t that serious but nevertheless. I hope you guys enjoyed this action-packed episode of 55. I leave you with this. I am really glad we don’t lose a coach and bring back an old one all the time. These last two weeks were hectic…sheesh Go Cards!



P.S.- Here is video from the fan event I took Thursday

P.S.S.- Just because they beat us this week, I bring you the tears of Darius Washington Jr…. (insert evil laugh)

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