Former players weigh in on Bobby Petrino

Bobby Petrino

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Bobby Petrino hire. You won’t find many people who have nothing to say about it. They either like it or they don’t. Well I reached out to some of his former players from Louisville, mainly some guys that I personally knew from the team who I may have had class with at UofL. There are still a few more I am hoping to hear back from, but here is what I got so far.

Eric Wood


“I’m very excited about the hire. I think that Coach Petrino is one of the best coaches in the country and is inheriting a lot of talent. I think that there are some exciting times ahead for UofL football.”

Breno Giacomini

Breno Giacomini

“I think it’s a great hire for our program. In football you want a great defense and a high powered offense that puts people in the seats and scores 100+ every week. That is what you’re getting with Bobby and his staff. He changed my life and without him I would NOT be where I am at today. In Jurich we trust.”

Art Carmody

Art Carmody

“I am very excited that Tom Jurich hired Bobby Petrino to come back to the Louisville football program.  I was fortunate to be at Louisville all four years that Petrino coached (2003-2006) and I believe he is the perfect guy to continue the momentum Charlie Strong recently built.  I was recruited to Louisville by Tony Levine (current Houston head coach) and I had no idea who Bobby Petrino was until Coach Levine told me about him.  I’ll never forget Coach Levine telling me “this guy knows more about football and running an offense than anyone I’ve ever met.”

There are two things I like the most about re-hiring him and the first is the fact that he doesn’t have a “system” that needs time to be implemented.  He doesn’t have to go get what coaches call “my guys” to come in and run it.  He will build an offense to the strengths and weaknesses of the personnel he is inheriting, and he will always put his players in situations to be successful.  He won’t ask you to do something on the field that he knows you can’t do.  If the offensive skill guys aren’t excited about playing in a Petrino offense they should just go ahead and transfer somewhere else.  The second is the confidence he brings each week in his game plan.  He knows that it will work and he gets you to believe in it, and he always has something up his sleeve each week to take it to the opponent.

I had a great relationship with Coach Petrino during my time as a Cardinal and will always owe him for giving me a walk-on opportunity and giving me a scholarship.  He also taught me how to be mentally tough on the football field which to a kicker is a huge asset.”

Brock Bolen

Brock Bolen

“I think it is great that Tom Jurich hired coach Petrino. The program would not be where it is today without Jurich or Petrino. Coach Petrino is back where he belongs. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Coach Petrino and I am grateful for the 2 years that he coached me. I am excited for the future of Louisville football and can’t wait to watch them compete in the ACC.”


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