*Update* Louisville 4* commit hopes to hear from Petrino soon

Nilijah Ballew
Nilijah Ballew

We know that on Friday, Coach Petrino and his staff reached out to some of the commits for the 2014 class. With some guys decommitting, it is important that the staff try to hang on to as many guys as they can. Desean Blair said that he talked to Petrino, Kolby Smith, and Lamar Thomas and said that “They’re all cool to me!” When asked if his recruitment was open or if he was still with Louisville, he said “I’m still there (Louisville).”

But not everyone has heard from the staff just yet. Four-star safety Nilijah Ballew (Cincinnati, OH) has not gotten that call yet. Now of course I think the reason is that Petrino is just trying to figure out how to say his name first, but anyways…

“Still haven’t heard from anybody at at Louisville,” Ballew said. “I hear guys are decommitting left and right. I hope I get a call today.”

So in regards to the new coach, Bobby Petrino, what does Ballew know about him? “I don’t know much about Petrino. I just hope he keeps his word and leads this team to much success. We (the players) deserve nothing but the best after what we just went through. I just know all this will only make us STRONGER, no pun intended.” Pun or not, that is a great line!

But even without knowing much about Petrino, there is one thing Ballew does know: “I heard he had a high-powered offense when he was last here. So hopefully that continues.” So even a guy on the defensive side of the ball knows that about the system. Hopefully Ballew gets that call this weekend.

Updated January 13 at 9:30 p.m.

Ballew got a call from offensive line coach Chris Klenakis, who is the recruiting coach for that area. Klenakis said he is just getting settled in and that Ballew was the first one that he called. He wants to talk tomorrow about Ballew’s upcoming visit to Louisville. Ballew was supposed to visit this coming weekend, but they will decide tomorrow if that needs to be moved around or not.

So how was Ballew feeling after hearing of some other commits being talked to by the staff and he hadn’t heard anything yet? “Haha I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. But I was very pleased to hear from Louisville. Got me pumped again about what lies ahead.”

Link to Ballew’s profile on CardinalSports.com

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