The Dream Team: Daryl’s starting 5

Fans’ Starting 5

Jeremy’s Starting 5

Steve’s Starting 5

Justin’s Starting 5

Point Guard

Now this wasn’t an easy choice for me. I’ve always been a ‘guard kind of gal’…if that’s a thing. This is who run’s the offense, my favorite aspect of the game. Some of my first cognitive memories following Cardinal basketball were lead by THE Reece Gaines. One word… Tennessee. I recall being on a field trip in from Audubon in the SAC at UofL (yes I was one of those annoying school kids causing extra lunch traffic…if you can imagine…) and our group ran into Reece Gaines on campus. I followed the elementary crowd asking for autographs not realizing at the time the significance of this run-in. Lo and behold, 15 years later I’d buy the man a shot of Patron at a Wicks Wednesday event after his return to Louisville to coach at Bellarmine.

While it has been recorded that even Dwayne Wade called Reece the best college player he had ever faced, my choice at the PG position in the Pitino era is without a doubt the one and only, Peyton Siva. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s my class’ point guard. Meaning him and I entered college the same year, a very important time in both of our lives. He, of course, finished before me… but whatever, man. I like to think that I watched Siva grow as a player his entire career at Louisville while I, myself, was searching for an identity in my own realm. For years I watched ‘fans’ bash the man’s game when he would turn the ball over in a critical moment or miss the potential game winning shot. But what do we expect from fans in a ‘microwave society’, as Coach P puts it. I never lost faith in Peyton and despite size difference favoring Reece, I’m looking at the guys’ hands. Peyton wears five titles… Big East Tournament Champion and MVP 2012 & 2013 and NCAA National Champion.


Oh and by the way, whoever the one person who voted for Brandon Jenkins for starting Point Guard… I’m gonna need you to tweet me @darylfoust4 and explain yourself.

Shooting Guard

Once again, a tough choice for me. Definitely the toughest I’ve had to make all day considering there were 4/5 guards I would pick for my starting roster. Larry O because of my Male High School ties and ‘Love Larry Thursdays’ at WKRD, as well as the incredible 2005 Final Four run with Taquan Dean. It was also hard not to choose Preston Knowles because I feel the man was shafted in his NCAA tournament appearance losing in the first round to Morehead State to injury.

But once again, I am going with the NCAA champion, Russ Smith. Simply because it is damn near impossible to scout the man.



Or maybe it was because of this picture.


Small Forward


As far as the 3 man goes, I’m not sure there’s anyone who deserves the recognition quite like ‘Cisco‘. Francisco has been active in the NBA since 2005 and embodies the ideal small forward less than 200 lbs and 6 foot 7 who can drain the three in those critical moments. I can’t imagine a more glorious combination of assist man and shooter than Peyton and Cisco.

Power Forward

While Earl Clark is finally hitting his stride and flourishing in the NBA with the Lakers and now in Cleveland (have you seen that dunk over Nazr, teheheh??), there were a lot of questions during his time in the ‘Ville as to what this man could really produce on the court. Even though we are finally witnessing his true power, sorry Earl.. Day late and a dollar short. I’m going with the steal of the century in Montrezl Harrell. The man just doesn’t quit. Helloooooo second consecutive and Final Big East title.


At least Trezl thinks I’m funny.

And finally, Center

If you’d ask me what my favorite number was, I’d tell you the number 4. Why? No other reason than the man, David Padgett. As far as defense goes, the center position is crucial. However, once again probably because of my class ties, I’m drafting the shot blocking teddy bear, Gorgui Dieng to my squad. You just can’t NOT pick up Gorgui. Any and every god out there would shun you for the rest of your days.
Unless you’re the Oklahoma City Thunder and you draft Steven freaking Adams instead. But whatever.


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