A Day Of RUSSpect

Louisville Cardinals NCAA Basketball Celebration

A lot of are down today because of the loss yesterday. It happens. Well cheer up. We have the same record we had last year at this time and are ranked the exact same as we were. Is that me saying I feel like we are a definite Title game team? No, but I am saying don’t lose hope. I looked to the internet for some pick me ups and I ran into Russ Smith. Here is what he said:

That helped a lot. I then wondered…where would we be without Russ. What would we have done had he left. I am glad he had these things to say.

For some reason whenever I am down Russ always picks me up. (I am 3 times his size so that’s a feat!) I always have a go to Russ video to help with that down feeling I get after a loss:

I am sorry for bringing back the Harlem Shake, even for a temporary basis. I think I got my point across though. This kid is one of the nicest, most energetic, great guys we have had in the program in a long time. You can tell he really loves the program as well. And also dunking….

and it looks like he always has.

I want to share one last Russ story with you. A childhood friend of mine, Troy Jackson (AKA ESCALADE), was the first guy to ever mention Russ to me. I was sitting at home and got a call. Troy told me he was having dinner with Coach P and Coach Mass in NYC and he was pitching them and talking to them about a kid named Russ Smith. I said who is that? He said google him. So I did. He told me watch out for him, he is gonna be special. I looked him up and seen he was a 2* g from NYC. I thought to myself, Troy is wrong for once….a 2 star? get out. But since the day I met him I could tell Troy was right and I never paid attention to stars again. Well I enjoyed sharing that with you and in the words of Russ…Keep calm and #ActAccordingly

Go Cards!

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