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This week…..on 55…..

We talk 2014 Football signing class, emoticons and emoji, The valiant effort of the Women’s Basketball team (Not Lady Cards, been trying to spread the word coach) to a surprise for the loyal readers of 55, and so much more. Here’s a little backstory on this week’s 55 pic. The above picture is a speed limit sign from the frigid snow engulfed areas of Northern Wisconsin. Their motto is drive under 55 and you may stay alive. I wish I was kidding, I am not at all. We are doing our next #CardFam Lunch this Sunday at noon at BW3’s on Dixie, all are welcome, just DM me and let me know for head count purposes. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55

1) I am starting a promotion for my loyal and wonderful supporters of the #55movement (Just made that up). Starting next Monday I will let you guys write a portion of 55. Just tweet me #First15 and I will let you write the first 15 lines of 55. It’s that simple. Shoutout to @TurtleBITW for getting my brain turning and coming up with this idea. Everyone will get to do it. I will randomize the order. That easy.



3) I did NOT get the idea from this book

4) Speaking of

5) I posed a question on Twitter last night about whether or not dudes should send other dudes smiley faces or tongue sticking out faces or emojis or emoticons in general. I said RT for Yes and Fav for No. I had a few speak on it instead of following Twitter survey etiquette but here is the question and results.


7) No RT and all favorites…



9) Haha indeed

10) I had a friend tell me I needed emoji for dummies….But “he” uses them and knew the name of the book….

11) >__<

12) Moving forward

13) Today Greg Brown, an NFL coaching veteran and former collegiate defensive coordinator, has joined the University of Louisville football’s coaching staff as the safeties coach and recruiting coordinator. Brown spent 15 years in the NFL before going to Alabama in 2013 as secondary coach under Nick Saban.

14) Kelsi Jones was named the inaugural AAC Player of the Week as UofL Softball started the season with a tough 3-2 record on the weekend. It doesn’t get any easier this weekend heading to Jacksonville with games against #17 Mizzou, #36 Notre Dame & #39 North Carolina. Good Luck girls!

15) On Sunday the Women’s Tennis team annihilated Conference foe Cincy 7-0 at home. The Cards are on a 3 match winning streak and will head to Wisconsin Friday.

16) Lorenzo Mauldin should try out for American Idol…If you follow him ask him to tweet the proof. He can do more than just sack your QB

17) The new top 25 polls come out today with Louisville checking in at 13 (AP) and 8 (Coaches). Also joining the Cards from the crappy AAC (sarcasm) are #10 Cincy, #20 Memphis, #23 SMU & #24 UConn

18) Not too shabby…..

19) “You don’t play nobody, Your conference sucks” -random guy who called into The Afternoon drive with Perrin Johnson one day when I was on. That day I wrote the following story.

20) http://cardinalsportszone.com/2013/08/22/louisville-basketball-schedule-piece-of-cake/

21) That’s the only anti-uk thing I have ever written. Seems like I knew we still weren’t in as bad of a conference as they wanted us to believe

22) The Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams had a monster weekend by grabbing 8 top-five finishes between two meets. Ben Williams recorded the second-best performance in school history in the triple jump. Congrats!

23) Guys don’t forget to check out Louisville’s best up and coming radio show @TalkinNoiz hosted by the incomparable Lloyd Spence on M-F at 12:06 on 1080 AM radio, or on your IHeart app. CSZ’s Steve Rummage joins Lloyd on Mondays and Thursday’s and every once in awhile the rest of CSZ stops in. They serve it up live from the Wendy’s studio and have a great time. #I’mNotWatham

24) #ProductPlacement

25) #CheapPop



27) Should have known

28) Moving forward

29) Yesterday the then #4 UL Women’s Basketball team lost a tough game to the #1 UConn Lady Huskies 81-64. Asia Taylor led Louisville with 18 points. Coach Walz will have these young women bouncing back before you know it and ready to extract revenge when the Huskies come to the YUM! on March the third.

30) The new Women’s AP poll released today and UL stayed put at #4. More surprising is that Stanford jumped them and #3 Duke won this past week and fell two spots. The culture of UofL Women’s Basketball is changing. I love it.

31) After what seemed like a longggggg stretch between games, Russ Smith scored 17 points and #14 Louisville beat Houston 77-62 on Wednesday night. Luke Hancock added 15 points and Montrezl Harrell had 15 points. The Cards are now 19-4 overall and 8-2 in the AAC.

32) Reader @rzry suggested in honor of 32 on this list that I put on here to suggest that the #32 be put into the rafters in honor of Cisco and Wheat. I am not opposed to this. Get to work powers that be…

33) On Wednesday we had an event that most recruiting junkies love….National Signing Day. CSZ’s Justin Renck made the following write-ups on each of the pickups the Cards made on Wednesday.

34) OT Lukayus McNeil



35) QB Tyler Ferguson

Tyler Ferguson


36) WR Cornelius Sturgill

Cornelius Sturghill


37) OG Jimmie Terry

Jimmy Terry


38) TE Charles Standberry

Charles Standberry


39) DE Terry Ramsey

terry ramsey


40) LB Isaac Stewart

Isaac Stewart


41) LB Henry Famurewa

Henry Famurewa


42) OT Kelby Johnson

Kelby Johnson


43) S Zykiesis Cannon

Zykiesis Cannon


44) QB Reggie Bonnafon

Reggie Bonnafon


45) CB Trumaine Washington

Trumaine Washington


46) Sharieff Rhaheed

Sharieff Rhaheed


48) OT Danny Burns

Danny Burns


49) S Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson


50) CB De’Eric Culver

De'Eric Culver


51) TE Mickey Crum

Micky Crum


52) WR Javonte Bagley

Javonte Bagley


53) WR Cam Polk, RB LJ Scott and DE Trevon Young were announced earlier in the year. Fine class after all the uncertainty with the coaching change.

54) Stephen Garr…..just for no reason



55) Last but not least the University of Louisville athletics department has released details of the 2014 baseball promotional schedule, which includes an array of fan-friendly special events and season-long promotions at Jim Patterson Stadium including FREE ADMISSION once again.


This is an awesome way to treat the fans and fans go repay the favor by catching some games. 2014 Baseball Promotions Webpage

GO Cards!

You can find the previous 12 Episodes of 55 by typing 55 in the CardinalSportszone.com search bar and clicking search

P.S.- Congrats out to our own Justin Renck for his accomplishments in coaching (Holy Cross boys’ basketball) this past week going 3-0 in three days against the likes of Central and PRP. Great Job! Also congrats to future UofL Card Quentin Snider on becoming Ballards all time leading scorer.

P.S.S.- Hey @KevinWatson73! lol

P.S.S.S.- #DownWithFlappyBird worked too! Im 2-2 with hashtags working! Sorry @Beast502Mode, I know how much you love it. lol

Here’s what Bobby thought of the 2014 class!

*some info taken from press releases, most from CSZ and my brain

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