Mock Draft has Teddy to the Browns

Teddy Bridgewater


Here is the latest 2014 NFL Mock Draft from’s Matt Smith. He also has Calvin Pryor going in the first round. Check out the rest of his first round here. The NFL Combine is this weekend in Indianapolis, IN and the Quarterbacks will workout on Sunday. The NFL Draft will be May 8-10.

  1. HOU
    While quarterbacks are valued higher by draft slot than on a vertical rankings board, Clowney is far and away the best prospect in the draft.
  2. STL
    I don’t suspect the Rams will be picking here, instead trading the selection to a team that wants either Clowney or a quarterback. But this is the player they want, and if not Robinson, wherever they land in the first round there are a few elite left tackles to choose from.
  3. JAC
    Manziel said Russell Wilson did wonders for shorter quarterbacks and he’s right. Wilson was a first-round talent that got dinged for his height. That’s it. To think you’ll find another player like him in the third round is unrealistic. The Jaguars need a quarterback, and Johnny Football will do for this franchise what so many fans hoped Tim Tebow could. Difference is he can play the position considerably better.
  4. CLE
    I know Brian Hoyer is making the rounds and Mike Pettine is singing his praises, but the Browns need a FRANCHISE QB to plug into an offense that has talent. I suspect a free-agent running back like Ben Tate will be discussed, or perhaps Carlos Hyde with the second-round pick is an option. But Teddy would be a great fit.
  5. OAK
    They can’t miss on a QB. When I interviewed Blake Bortles at the Super Bowl, I looked like a middle schooler next to him. He’s huge, but there is still a little too much risk for a team with so many holes. Watkins is a talent that helps the offense, special teams, and will have an immediate impact. He’s about as can’t-miss as you’ll find in this draft, save Clowney. They can get a QB project at the top of the second or third rounds and dip into the free-agent market for a stop-gap with that $53 million of cap space.

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