Pat Forde Goes Kanye On Cal


Pat Forde is one of my favorite journalists of all time. I read the Forde Yard dash regularly and enjoyed it almost every time. Something got in his crawl today and the only thing I can say is *Mic Drop*. I am not sure why this has happened but it has happened. I myself do not condone the trashing of Kentucky and you won’t see anything in my name talking about them in a negative way. I read this however and felt like I should share with all of my readers. Here is the transcript of what he wrote:

You made your bed John Calipari, now lie in it:

by Pat Forde

As his program crash-landed at rock bottom Saturday at South Carolina, John Calipari excused himself from the proceedings. He got himself tossed by the officials, and then blew off the press conference after his Kentucky Wildcats lost to a team ranked No. 178 in America according to the RPI.

When the going got tough, Cal got out.

It was a nostalgic flashback to December, when Calipari made a four-minute postgame interview appearance after losing to Baylor, then abruptly got up and left when the first question was directed toward one of his players. His freshmen sat there and answered the rest of the queries without him.

Had Calipari shown up to answer questions Saturday after the worst defeat of his Kentucky tenure, instead of sending assistant John Robic and two freshmen to the interview room, here are the questions Calipari should have been asked.

Q: Your preseason No. 1 team should by all rights fall out of the top 25 this week. What has happened to the squad that had you dancing in the car on the way to the office in October?

Q: The season is not lost, but it’s headed that direction at a high rate of speed. What are you going to do about it?

Q: Is it still Ryan Harrow’s fault? That poor kid – who you recruited – was the scapegoat last year. He was the point guard who didn’t run the team the way you wanted, and thus was run off to Georgia State. Archie Goodwin went pro with minimum lamentation. Kyle Wiltjer transferred, and nobody blinked. They all left under a cloud of blame that accompanied a trip to the NIT and a humiliating first-round loss to Robert Morris.

“The stuff I had to accept this year, the program almost got hijacked,” you said last spring. “Never in my career have I surrendered in any way to any team, and I did at times this year – to try to save guys, to try to help guys – and it never works.”

Harrow’s stats are similar to those of your current point guard, five-star recruit Andrew Harrison. Harrow played about four minutes per game less and averaged slightly fewer points, rebounds and assists – but he had a better assist-turnover ratio and shot better from two-point range.

But stats can be misleading. Can we still pile this disappointing season on the 2012-13 bunch?

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