I Told You kentucky Would Still Be Ranked But It’s Not Why You Think…..


That is the closest you will ever see me get to putting up anything with the word kentucky when referencing the basketball team. I despise them with all that I am but I also won’t sit here and slander them. Unlike some in this city, I really am not cut like that. (Sorry Charlie) I got on Twitter this morning and tried to tell the uk fan friends I had not to worry and the UL fan friends I had not to gloat because uk would still be in the Top 25 today and they would sit at 25:

There’s proof. But you say…Jeremy you hate uk, why would you say that? It’s just this simple. There are only about 23-25 quality teams in the country this year and everyone else lost also this week. The gap between 26 and 27 is huge. Almost as big as the gap between 5 and 6 in the AAC. Don’t believe me, here are the stats for the lowest ranked team in the country every week this season:


Week 2: Virginia-170

Week 3: Marquette-144

Week 4: Marquette-126

Week 5: Dayton-90

Week 6: San Diego St-159

Week 7: Iowa-72

Week 8: Mizzou-69

Week 9: Mizzou-76

Week 10: Kansas St-112

Week 11: UCLA & OU-103

Week 12: Oklahoma-111

Week 13: Texas-142

Week 14: Pitt-110

Week 15: Pitt- 175

Week 16: Gonzaga-112

Week 17: New Mexico-113

Week 18: Kentucky-92

(Bold print Indicates 2 teams with under 100 votes)

These stats show that Kentucky had the 5th lowest total for teams ranked 25th all season being just above Dayton, Iowa and Mizzou twice. If you research past years the preseason total for Baylor of 180 is pretty much the norm for #25. There are just no other teams that you could have plugged in. If Ohio State wins then uk was out. the teams right outside got in this week in OU & UCONN.

I am giving you this info because I have seen fans on both sides baffled and I wanted to explain it in a non hateful way. I will also add that any one of the top 25 teams can win the championship this year. I haven’t given up on that thought. With pretty much everyone in the country but Louisville losing to unranked teams frequently, that makes me believe that this year is up for grabs.

Go Cards!


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