Vegas Still Has Louisville as a 1 Seed

Louisville vs Syracuse by by Tim Girton

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Vegas knows, right? They did have Charlie Strong as the 2-1 favorite to be the next head coach at Texas. I have to say that when I first heard that, I laughed and thought it was crazy. If you ever keep up with odds and spreads on games, you will be surprised just how close that they usually are. I remember when Kentucky played at Auburn this year, the spread was 7 1/2 or something like that. A lot of people thought that was really low. Auburn went to the free throw line to shoot 3 shots, down by 10, with 8 seconds left. They made 2, and lost by 8. That is just the first example I thought of from this year. That is how close a lot of the games are if you pay attention to the spread.

Well for the last couple of weeks, Vegas has had the Louisville Cardinals projected as a 1 seed in their bracketology. They just released their latest version, and the Cards are still there. I like our team anyway, but I obviously like that Vegas is still sold on us.

The following comes from the article on, which you can read the whole thing by clicking here.

Vegas Bracketology isn’t concerned with modern convention. Resume building wins? Who cares.  Record over the last 10 games? Nope, minimal importance. Instead the focus right here and now for our purposes is on who would be favored over who on a neutral court and by how many.

Listed below are the top 16 seeds in our Vegas Bracketology in a side by side comparison of how they’ve moved the last 3 weeks.  The future price listed is the current number courtesy of the LVH.

Futures Today Last week 2 Weeks Ago
#1 9-2 Florida Florida Florida
#2 8-1 Duke Duke Syracuse
#3 15-1 Louisville Louisville Duke
#4 15-1 Virginia Creighton Creighton
#5 7-1 Arizona Virginia Louisville
#6 6-1 Kansas Arizona Iowa
#7 40-1 Iowa Kansas Arizona
#8 25-1 Creighton Iowa Villanova
#9 12-1 Syracuse Villanova Virginia
#10 25-1 Villanova Syracuse Kansas
#11 20-1 Wisconsin Wichita St Ohio St
#12 75-1 UCLA Wisconsin Wisconsin
#13 50-1 Ohio St Ohio St UCLA
#14 10-1 Wichita St UCLA Pittsburgh
#15 25-1 Michigan Kentucky Kentucky
#16 100-1 Pittsburgh Michigan Wichita St 

Seeds listed from strongest to weakest

#1: Florida (SEC), Duke (ACC), Louisville (AAC), Virginia (ACC)

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