Scenarios for Louisville to Win the American Athletic Conference

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American Standings

Cincinnati 14-3 25-5
Louisville 14-3 25-5
Connecticut 12-5 24-6
Southern Methodist 12-5 23-7
Memphis 11-6 22-8
Houston 8-9 16-14
Rutgers 5-12 11-19
South Florida 3-14 12-18
UCF 3-14 11-17
Temple 3-14 8-21

Louisville will be playing for at least a share of the inaugural American Athletic Conference Championship on Saturday against UConn. If either Louisville or Cincinnati wins and the other loses Saturday, then the winner is the outright regular-season champion and the No. 1 seed.

If both win, then the SMU-Memphis game comes into play. If Louisville, Cincinnati and SMU win, then Louisville gets the top seed (would be 4-0 against SMU/UConn, while Cincinnati would be 2-2). If Louisville, Cincinnati and Memphis win, then a coin flip will determine the 1/2 seeds. Both UC and UofL would be 4-2 against the group of SMU/UConn/Memphis, which would be tied at 12-6.

If both lose, then Louisville is No. 1 if SMU beats Memphis (UofL 3-1 vs SMU/UConn; Cincinnati is 2-2) and Cincinnati is No. 1 if Memphis beats SMU (Cincinnati 3-1 vs SMU/Memphis; Lou 2-2).

Any teams that tie for first place are declared regular-season champions, regardless of seed.

The complete seedings will be determined on Saturday for the American Athletic Conference Championship to be played March 12-15 at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tenn.

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