Bobby Petrino Press Conference Notes 3/8/14

Bobby Petrino

Click here to watch the full press conference. 

Here are the main points that Petrino made…

*When asked about the status of Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, Petrino said “Well we’re well aware of it. It’s something that was shocking and concerning. But you have to let the court system play out. And it’s one of those things where you don’t make a decision until you have to.”

*About DeVante Parker: “Yeah he’s really impressive. He puts a smile on my face. And the thoughts of how we can use him and utilize him and get him the ball…I think he can run all the routes. He does a great job getting in and out of his breaks. He can catch the ball away from his body. He works hard and he’s been very coach-able. That was something that I was very happy to see. Obviously we know he can elevate and go up and catch the ball when it’s high in the air. He should have a great year for us. He needs to learn and get better just like everybody else.”

*In regards to the upcoming playoff that starts this season, Petrino says that he thinks if you win the ACC Championship, you are in the playoff. He can’t see a scenario where that isn’t the case.

*He will not make a quarterback decision after spring ball. They will know who the #1 guy is, but won’t know the for sure starter.

*It would be ideal for Petrino to name a starting QB two weeks prior to the season opener (September 1) but “it might take care of itself before that.”

*He compliments Kyle Bolin’s knowledge of the game, Will Gardner’s competitiveness and big numbers with the testing they did, and Brett Nelson’s maturity and ability to work hard.

*The offensive staff have all been together before so they have a really good understanding of what they want to do but they still want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

*Impressed with defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and he knows exactly what package they will run and all details of it.

*Every Wednesday has been nothing but recruiting for the staff. They want to go after the best players in the country.

*He has enjoyed being in the weight room and watching the guys lift and work on strength and quickness. The next step is actually on the practice field.

*The players have to work hard on their technique and fundamentals, two things that Petrino says are very important for college football players at this level.

*One of the most exciting things about spring football is that “you’re competing to start. You’re competing to take somebody’s job or competing to keep your job.”

*He likes to see 3 seniors coming back on the offensive line (Jamon Brown, John Miller, Jake Smith) but is concerned about the depth. Says the young guys have to get better.

*The receivers, running backs, and tight ends are talented, but there are not enough tight ends.

*On defense, outside linebackers should be a strength because they will also play some defensive end.

*Lorenzo Mauldin will do really well transitioning to an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense. Petrino says he played that way sometimes last year but people just didn’t call him an outside linebacker.

*Petrino is not in favor of a possible early signing period. He says it is hard enough now and there is not much time, so if anything, he would be fine with pushing signing day back to the end of February.

*He is very impressed with Gerald Christian. He tested great and has good video. Keith Towbridge is a big body but has to get better upper body strength.

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