Men’s Basketball AAC Tournament Bracket

The Louisville Cardinals clinched a share of the American Athletic Conference Championship on Saturday, but lost the #1 seed to Cincinnati on a coin flip. Honestly, the #2 seed may have been a better draw. Either way, with the way this team is playing, I would have been fine either way.

AAC Bracket


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  1. If everything goes sa it should ( which many times it does’t), in the semifinals it should be Cincy vs. Memphis, and Lville vs. SMU. I,m saying it looks like Cincy vs. Lville in finals. If Lville had been the #1 seed, in semifinals it could have been Cincy vs. SMU, and Lville vs Memphis…in which case Memphis and SMU would have been favored to reach the finals. Cincy doesn’t match up well vs. SMU, and Lville doesn’t match up well vs. Memphis. Cincy being #1 seed gives it the best chance to reach the finals and win the AAC Tournament Championship, imo.

    • How does Louisville not match up with Memphis . I believe Memphis doesn’t match up with Louisville. Memphis is a heavy guard system. No one can stop Montrezl. Louisville should be fine and win this thing. I’m hoping Uconn can sweep Memphis at least but that is asking a lot playing in Memphis and already winning twice against this team (once in overtime).

  2. Appreciate the comment. Then apparently it worked out well for both of us because when our fans saw the draw for the 2 seed, we thought it was better. It should be an exciting tournament when it gets to the semi finals. Any of those 4 teams that you named could win it. Should be a good one!

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