Louisville Likes to Win Conference Titles as They Exit the Conference

Darius Washington

When the Louisville Cardinals leave a conference, it is pretty standard for them to win the conference tournament on their way out. Dating all the way back to the Metro conference days, whenever the Cards just like to leave the previous conference something to remember them by. Let’s hope that continues tonight as we exit the American Athletic Conference.

Below are the results of the final conference tournament results for Louisville for the Metro, Conference USA, Big East, and American…

Metro Conference

Metro logo


March 10 (First round)

Louisville 84, Virginia Commonwealth 61

March 11 (Semifinals)

Louisville 81, Tulane 80 (OT)

March 12: (Finals)

Louisville 78, Southern Mississippi 64

Conference USA

Conference USA logo


March 10 (Quarterfinal)

Louisville 85, TCU 61

March 11 (Semifinal)

Louisville 74, UAB 67

March 12 (Final)

Louisville 75, Memphis 74

Big East

Big East logo


March 14 (Quarterfinal)

Louisville 74, Villanova 55

March 15 (Semifinal)

Louisville 69, Notre Dame 57

March 16 (Final)

Louisville 78, Syracuse 61

American Athletic Conference

AAC Logo


March 13 (Quarterfinal)

Louisville 92, Rutgers 31

March 14 (Semifinal)

Louisville 94, Houston 65

March 15 (Final)

Louisville vs UConn

Scores from GoCards.com

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