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This week…..on 55…..

As we come down to the last few episodes of 55, it’s only fitting that the end of the basketball season is near too. I just wish there was something to talk about. Oh yeah…we get uk again! So in the spirit of revenge on those we despise more than Digger Phelps (I may have went too far) here are the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55.

1) On Thursday night we opened up our defense of the National Championship with a tough game vs the Manhattan Jaspers, coached by former Louisville asst coach Steve Masiello. I like to believe we played the basketball version of a game called chess. Rick didn’t want to embarrass Mass so we played tit-for-tat (lol) and won the game when we needed to. Played smothering defense as well.


2) smother

3) Well that had the opposite effect than I intended

4) Nevertheless, we move onto our next conquest which are the mighty Billikens of Saint Louis. Top 10 team at times this year, former conference foes…what could scare us about the Billikens?

5) billiken

6) Oh yeah..That was creepy….in more ways then one

7) I digress


8) Despite the creepiness of their mascot, Louisville defeated Saint Louis in another game where Louisville’s defense controlled the game and we won 66-51. If we just knock down a few more shots each game we are all talking dominance on both ends. Instead we are talking like we played bad. If you think we played bad both games, I will question your Basketball IQ.

9) So that brings us to this Friday. UL vs uk. Friends vs foes, Friends vs friends & Family vs family. This should be a week that we are all excited for but because of bad seeds on both sides, more so on the blue side, it’s not even enjoyable to talk about. You won’t see many if anything said by me until the game is over. With that being said, I believe we are way better than we were in December, playing this game at a neutral site and they have regressed. Yes they beat the unbeatable! It took a perfect storm to beat Wichita State and uk played lights out. In the end we will prevail because of teamwork and composure. #L1C4 baby!

10) and this from Howie Lindsey


11) Not even UL on uk crime but smack talk to Indiana…I like it!

12) Then this from my guy @PerrinJohnson


13) Why hate on IU guys? lol. At least that is good clean fun..not between UL/uk though.

14) Here is my only dig for the week. Perrin, you sure about what you said in your tweet?

15) bbnlol

16) HAHA! ok that was not a jab, just throwing a fact out to rib a UL fan. That’s all….

17) All jokes aside, I can handle good, harmless jokes but there are a lot of uk fans that take this too serious. So I attempt to leave it alone. I don’t rag on them and expect to not be ragged on. I still get crap….

18) Case in point. Me, my wife and Steve went to lunch Friday after I left the Dr at BW3 on Dixie. We walk in and I immediately know something is wrong. 100 people there and we were the only one’s wearing red. This guy walks up to me and says: “Do you want your picture with me?” To myself I’m thinking, not really, but I let him finish talking. “I’m Kentucky Joe, I’m a celebrity around these parts.” (Dixie Hwy?) I politely told him good luck in your game and Matt Jones called him away from our table so that he would leave us alone. He proceeded to ask everyone in the room if they wanted a picture with him, and they did. SMU

19) Yes…still happening

20) I digress

21) Hopefully I will end this week with the same amount of friends I started with.

22) Moving on

23) The Women’s Basketball team had a big effort from Sara Hammond with 16 points and Shoni Schimmel with 10 points and 11 rebounds! The Cards defeated Idaho 88-42. They will face home team Iowa in the second round Tuesday at 9:30. The win takes them to 31-4 on the season. Congrats ladies!

24) I went to look for the polls to post this week and realized that there were none to post, this made me sad



26) OK, that made me happy


….as did that

27) This past week Cardinal Football has started Spring practice and Justin made it out to the practice on Wednesday. Here were his thoughts.

28) On Saturday CSZ covered practice and got the following video from Petrino and crew

29) From what I seen Friday this is going to be a great Football team

30) On Friday after I watched a little of practice we took my Mom and Dad to their first UofL Baseball game. They loved it and the Cards won big 6-1. No HR but a guy took a pop fly to the mouth when he was checking his phone for March Madness scores, I’m sure.


31) Once it warms up, I implore you to go catch the Cardinal 9. Awesome facilities, great time, free admission and parking, how can you beat that? Oh on Fridays it’s 1 dollar soda and beer night, that’s how.

32) Doron Lamb shows his basketball IQ here

33) In tribute to the Basketball Tourney I have once again changed my display name…




35) #CheapPop

36) But true….on both the display name change and what the pic was insinuating

37) It was announced yesterday that Russ Smith was named as a finalist for Naismith Player of the Year. You can vote here as fan vote counts for 25% of the vote.

38) Apparently BBN, this is a thing.

39) Thanks Justin, now I will have awful, AWFUL nightmares

40) Don’t forget, If you want more CSZ, tune into @TalkinNOIZ on Mondays & Fridays as our own Steve Rummage co-hosts alongside the big homie Lloyd Spence. TalkinNOIZ is served up live from the Wendy’s studio, Monday to Friday at 12:06 pm on 1080 am on your radio or iHeart app.

41) #NOIZ

42) Now to the week in review for Cardinal Athletics….other than Basketball of course

43) The Softball Cards went 4-1 this week. They defeated WKU 3-0, 7-4 and beat Rutgers 10-6, 11-3. They lost to Rutgers 10-6 as their only loss this past week. This week they take on DePaul at home for 2 and travel to Houston for 3.

44) Women’s Lacrosse traveled to Nashville and picked up the OT win 18-14. Nikki Boltja scored 6 goals, Faye Brust, and Cortnee Daley each scored five goals in the victory.

45) The Baseball team went 2-2 this week dropping one to IU 9-3 and one to Rutgers yesterday 11-2. They did win 2 at home 9-8 and 6-1. The Cards travel to WKU Wednesday due to weather advisory before ending next weekend with Xavier, Butler, Xavier.

46) Men’s Tennis suffered a rare loss last week when they fell 4-2 to Texas Tech then followed up with a 7-0 thrashing of MTSU. They will take on the Wolverines of Michigan on Wednesday which may kick off a Michigan hate week for us that we never knew existed.

47) Outdoor season started for UofL’s Track & Field this past week. Calvin Arsenault placed third in the 110m hurdles, while Bre’Yana Wash was fifth in the long jump.

48) The University of Louisville women’s Swimming and Diving team scored twice more and posted the highest team finish in school history at the 2014 NCAA Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships in Minneapolis on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Their season is complete.

49) On Thursday the Men’s Swimming and Diving team will compete in their last meet of the year. The NCAA Championships will be held in Austin, Texas through Saturday. Good Luck!

50) Women’s Tennis had one match this week and fell 5-2 to Memphis. They have a home match vs SIU and then travel to Miami of Ohio on Sunday

51) That wraps up the entire Cards #L1C4 family

52) The line came out for Friday’s game and we are 5.5 point favorites vs uk. The largest favorite is Arizona at 6 points.

53) The Cards and kats will face off in Indianapolis, Indiana at approx. 9:45pm

54) Click here to see Jon Gruden & Teddy Bridgewater talk Football

55) And finally #BEATKENTUCKY



Go Cards!


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Just in case one wasn’t enough………….

P.S.S.-Great season by PRP almost winning their first game despite having their star player out

P.S.S.S-Can’t wait to head to INDY Sunday to cheer on my Cards….yes I know what I said.

P.S.S.S.S.- Glad we didn’t see too much of this guy at CSZ this week


P.S.S.S.S.S.- Love @ulhothot TWEETCAPS


*some info taken from press releases, most from CSZ and my brain

**none taken from other peoples thoughts, NONE


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