UofL fans “Wanted” it, UK fans “Needed” it



Nobody was shocked by the fact that last Friday was an epic encounter between 2 teams playing great basketball. What did shock us however was what followed.

UofL has always been perceived as “Little Brother”, a role that we and our AD Tom Jurich are perfectly fine with. Little Bro has been doing pretty good for himself lately: Men’s and women’s Final Four, National Championships, BCS Bowls, College World Series, and National Champions in many other sports. Louisville has been on an incredible run as a University and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon and that apparently has gotten under the skin of BBN.

When the buzzer sounded Friday night and the Cards fell to the Wildcats myself and others in CardNation sunk our heads into our hands knowing we just let one get away. But more importantly than the loss to our rivals we knew this was the last time we would see Russ, Luke, SVT, Hendo, and more than likely Montrezl play in the Louisville uniform. While the Cards will rebound with a very talented team next season, these guys doing so much for this program will go down in history as one of the greatest groups of all time.

So CardNation headed back down I65 south upset but excited for the future things to come. Jeff Walz and the Cards look to be headed back to the Final Four, the baseball team is looking great so far, Man the ACC will be fun,  and WOW Bobby is opening this offense up!! As these thoughts were running through our minds we all took a look at twitter and news feeds and saw this:



WHAT?! Surely these are photos from the 2012 Final Four riots (Celebrating a win over “Little Brother”). I mean do fans really do this over a Sweet Sixteen win????


OK OK sorry Dayton but I would expect this from you. You should celebrate, an A-10 team that hasn’t had success in a long while, and honestly this looks pretty civil compared to the fire fest going on in the picture above.

Then it all hit me!! They “NEEDED” this. This is all they have folks. The Cards lost and the sun came up on Saturday, I’m not sure that same sun would have rose in Lexington. So BBN we are happy for you guys. Good win little buddy!! You celebrate your hearts out because you need this. We promise when Bobby hangs 63 on you in November to not rub it in as hard. We had no idea we had hurt your feelings in this manner. I guess “Little Brother” has been kind of a bully lately. It’s time CardNation to realize we have grown up and honestly “Big Bro” is going through his mid life crisis so act accordingly because we have another Big year of sports ahead of us.

Now it’s on to Dallas for you guys where quite honestly you should dominate. Wisconsin and UCONN don’t come close to matching up, you have given UF everything they want 3 times already, and you just went through the toughest road in NCAA history so this should be a piece of cake!!……Just don’t choke on it 😉


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  1. Once again, in typical UK fashion (and lack of intelligence), you have missed the point. College SPORTS (not sport) is a business. A business in which UL is one of the top dogs! UK does not have a multi-dimensional athletic program. I’ve always respected teams like Stanford that excel at multiple SPORTS. Everyone in Kentucky likes more than just basketball. Deal with it, and stop saying basketball is the only sport that matter because UK sUcKs at EVERYTHING else. We’re trailblazer IN and OUT of the classroom. #L1C4.

    P.S. Pushing the football game back does not give you an advantage. It was actually VERY cowardice of UK, but I’m pretty sure you’ll disagree….

    Go Cards! ACC Bound!!!!!

    1. No actually you are wrong on the business and UK sucks at everything else angles.

      The business is referred to as SPORT, SPORTS refers to individual athletic enterprises (basketball, football, baseball, etc.).

      If UK sucks at everything else, then why did UK finish 25th in the 2012-13 Learfield Director’s Cup and Louisville 38th? The Director’s Cup accounts for all NCAA sponsored sports. If you check the Director’s Cup standings for this year, well look at that. Kentucky is 22 and Louisville is 40. Remember, there is more to an athletic department than just football and basketball, and in 2012-13, Kentucky got ZERO points for football and men’s basketball, yet Kentucky still finished with 143 more points than Louisville.

  2. Your butthurt is showing. 32 – 15 all-time now in favor of Big Bro. I love how the “author” of this article does his best to pretend like UK didn’t rip the beating heart from his chest with this win. UK owns Commuter College and always will. There’s a reason half the city of Louisville are UK fans. UK is the hammer and City College is the nail. BTW: the Abortionist is now 1-6 versus Cal at UK. Hopefully he has the same nonchalant attitude as you when it comes to bending over and taking it from Kentucky because it’s gonna get a hell of a whole lot worse before it gets any better! WHOO!!

  3. I just want to make sure we are talking about the same two schools. Are we talking about UK who is in their 3rd final four in 4 yrs? Are we talking about the uofl that had its best run in school history yet still finished second to UK with a 1-6 losing record in that time frame with the only win being a 3pt home win? Are we talking about the uofl team that lost twice in one yr to UK on two occasions? The uofl team who has one title in 30 yrs and the uk team who has three in that span? Man jelousy is a sickness..get well soon dirty bird. Congrats on your horseshoe teams..I bet you follow them closely, much like no one wears uk rifle or cheerleading national championship shirts…but if it helps you feel accomplished…in other words, the behavior of little brother. Btw, no an 8 seed wont blow it, nice attempt at a jab though. Your tears are still delicious thinking you got no calls even tho luke hancock is still pushing off in his sleep and blackshear is still bricking free throws to tie games even though he got cleanly blocked. The ncaa had to change foul rules before the yr bc of dirty bird prison shanking. Good job community college…2014 water polo champs!!

  4. LOL Finally a championship on a down basketball year a quarter century later and the chickenhawks are puffing up their chest feathers… Butthurt little losers. And UK owned you in football for a while as well. Mark Stoops is here now with this top class recruiting class to make you a lacrosse fan shortly

  5. Jealous much? Butthurt much? With being in the Final Four three out of the last four years, I don’t think we have much to worry about with the Loserville Cards. Quit your whining and support a WINNING team! Go UK!!!! ALL THE WAY!

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