Chane Behanan Cited for Drug Possession

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports

Former Louisville Cardinal Chane Behanan has appeared to hit another roadblock on his way to recovery. At 1:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Behanan was in a vehicle that was pulled over near 17th and Broadway in Louisville. He was cited for marijuana.

According to this story on, officers said they smelled marijuana and asked Behanan if he had any drugs on him. He said yes and handed police a single blunt, or marijuana cigarette. Police searched the car and did not find anything else. 

The woman Behanan was with in the vehicle was not cited. Behanan was cited for possession of marijuana during the stop, but was not taken into custody. He will have to appear in court, but no date has been set.

Whatever the next step is for Chane Behanan, I wish him nothing but the best.


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