“Red V. Blue” and 2013 National Championship DVDs on Sale!

Here are a couple of great deals from FansCloset.com. You really shouldn’t pass these up if you don’t have these DVDs yet. If you order either of these, you can add anything else to the order and it will all ship for free!

Red V. Blue

Red v. Blue

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“Red V. Blue” features interviews with coaches, players and personalities, including Denny Crum, Joe Hall, Derek Anderson, Luke Whitehead, Jim Host and John Y. Brown, among others. The movie also documents the real lives of super fans such as Mark Wagner and Robert Boone, two rival barbers whose hilarious banter epitomizes what makes this rivalry the most passionate in college basketball. The movie is a must-see for any true sports fan!

2013 Louisville vs Michigan National Championship

Championship DVD

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On April 8, 2013, the Louisville Cardinals lived up to their overall top seed placement in the tournament, but they had to work intensely for the win.

The final was a match between the top-rated offensive team against the top-rated defensive team: a fight to the finish. Momentum vs. Endurance.  Luke Hancock led the Cards, trailing by a 12-point deficit with less than 4 minutes to go in the first half, in their turn-around.  Hancock made a couple of free-throws and a series of four 3-pointers to make up the deficit and take the lead before half-time. Hancock became the first reserve player to be named the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player, putting in 22 total game points.

From the bench, injured guard Kevin Ware, recovering from a gruesome injury suffered in the regional final, undoubtedly contributed to the Cardinal’s determination for the win.

In the end, the Louisville Cardinals overcame the 12-point deficit to win 82-76 in a thrilling final game, earning a second national title for coach Rick Pitino, (the first at University of Kentucky in 1996), and the goal was lowered allowing Ware to snip his own piece of the net. 

Relive the tip-to-buzzer excitement as the 2013 NCAA National Basketball Championship game is displayed in its entirety.  

*Includes the Full Commercial-free Championship Game and Bonus Features.

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