Charlie Strong: Get off the train and on the…bus?

Austin American-Statesman photo by Brian Davis
Austin American-Statesman photo by Brian Davis

Remember the guy that didn’t really care for much media attention while here at Louisville? Not that there was much media responsibility anyway, but it just wasn’t his thing. For his hour long radio show once per week, he would usually do about half of it and then let another coach handle the rest. Surely you remember that version of Charlie Strong right?

Well the Charlie Strong of Texas is now going on a BUS TOUR around the state of Texas. It is sort of like the Cardinal Caravan here. That same Cardinal Caravan that (according to Eric Crawford) made 6 stops last year and Strong was on only one of those stops. He talked for about 20 minutes and then didn’t take questions from the media. I am sure he loves this whole bus tour thing, right?

As if that wasn’t enough, this is a real thing.


It comes from the website It kind of reminds me of the Teddy Bridgewater situation. He was awesome during his career at UofL. He has a bad pro day and it’s like he is the worst quarterback in history. Texas has a bad spring game and now some of the fans already miss Mack Brown. You have to admire that patience by Texas fans.

I am not piling on Charlie Strong or anything with this post. I am really not. But when things like this come up, I think it is worth passing along. I don’t care to tell you every stat from every Texas game this season. But when it comes to this kind of media stuff that we all knew was going to happen, it is worth noting.

If Vance Bedford makes a “Get on the bus” speech this year, then it may be time to pile on every negative thing that happens at Texas. That would just hurt too much. Miss ya Vance.





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