Has UK Offensive Coordinator lost his mind??….Yes


In today’s comedic relief, UK Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown had some words for the Cards:

When you take a break from the constant laughter that I’m sure broke out when you seen this, think about that phrase: “The Show”. Last year “The Show”, as our friend from thecrunchzone.com Mark Blankenbaker points out, beat 2 teams that had a combined ZERO FBS wins.

OK OK maybe “The Show” was just an old nickname for our friend Neal:


Ok probably not.

OK OK OK from the looks of this Neal Brown at least knows a little something about shows!:


For their sake we will just give Neal the benefit of the doubt and pretend he forgot that Bobby Petrino (the best offensive coach in America) coached the Cards. BUT if this gets back to Bobby…………………………Uk football will be in our prayers.



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