FedEx throws away Russ Smith’s National Championship Jersey


On Friday night, Russ Smith sent out some tweets that were very unfortunate to see. He had sent his National Championship jersey to his dad in a frame. The frame was cracked, so they had to send it back, with the jersey inside. According to this article on, the jersey was marked “yes” to discard, and it was thrown away.

“The employee had marked it to discard yes,” said Erin Truxal, the manager of public relations for Fed Ex Ground.

Truxal said for safety reasons it’s company policy to toss out any returned boxes with broken glass without opening them to see what’s inside.

“You know I don’t have the specific whereabouts,” Truxal said of where the jersey ended up. 

She said Fed Ex is now looking for security video that might answer that question. She did not sound hopeful.

“I say this on behalf of everyone at Fed Ex ground. We do sincerely apologize,” Truxal said.

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  1. FedEx has, and always will be a second rate company. If anybody made a mistake here it was Russ for trusting such a valued piece with a “Key Stone Cop” outfit like fedex, they always have and always will be a LAST resort on my list. 😉

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