Athlon Predicts Louisville to go 8-4 in 2014

Photo: AP/Alex Menendez
Photo: AP/Alex Menendez

Athlon released their predictions for the conference finishes earlier in June, and here is what they predicted for the ACC in 2014. They have the Cards finishing 3rd in the Atlantic Division with a record of 8-4 overall and 5-3 in the ACC. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a solid first year in the ACC to me.

2014 ACC Predictions

Florida State 8-0 13-0
Clemson 7-1 9-3
Louisville 5-3 8-4
Syracuse 3-5 6-6
Boston College 3-5 6-6
NC State 2-6 6-6
Wake Forest 0-8 3-9


Virginia Tech 6-2 9-4
Miami (FL) 5-3 8-4
North Carolina 5-3 8-4
Pittsburgh 4-4 8-4
Duke 4-4 8-4
Georgia Tech 3-5 6-6
Virginia 1-7 3-9

ACC Championship

Florida State vs Virginia Tech

Now I know we have the talent to compete with anyone in the country. But entering a new conference with a new coach and new quarterback will surely bring some growing pains at some point. I don’t want to go through my game by game predictions just yet, but I do see a realistic scenario where the Cards begin the season 6-0. If that does happen, this would mean they would stumble in the second half of the year and go 2-4. So while in the grand scheme of things, 8-4 does sound good, I may have us winning another game or two. I will think about that more as the season gets closer before releasing a full season prediction.

Just take one more look at the teams in those standings. It’s really going to happen soon, ACC football!

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