ESPN says Louisville basketball will be a top Defensive team in 2015


There is no doubt the Cards will be a serious threat to make it to Indianapolis this season and most of that confidence comes from their ability to play defense. ESPN’s Dana O’Neil says the Cardinals will be one of the best defensive teams in the nation this season along with Arizona and Virginia.

From ESPN Article:

“Louisville — Montrezl Harrell’s decision to return to college ranked as one of the bigger surprises in the pre-draft season and upped the expectation meter in Louisville more than a few notches. 

It also makes the Cardinals, always a good defensive team, potentially a very good one. Harrell and Mangok Mathiang will be a rather imposing pair to handle for any team looking to score inside. 

But they aren’t the only weapons for Rick Pitino. 

The coach counts heavily on his guards, especially on defense. He works his players like track athletes, allowing them to swarm, annoy and pester opponents like full-court gnats. 

Point guard Chris Jones didn’t prove as adept defensively last season at that, but you can bet Pitino will make sure Jones improves in that department. With Russ Smith gone, Jones will get the full laser focus of the coach’s attention. 

His backcourt mate, Terry Rozier, proved last season to be an adept defender already. 

Even after losing so much experience, the Cards could be even better than the squad that gave up just 61.1 points last season and ranked fourth in defensive efficiency.” 

While Louisville wont exactly have trouble scoring this season there is no doubt what they can produce on the defensive end of the floor will be their calling card. Opposing guards will get a healthy dose of the Rozier/Jones tandem and the prize for getting around them consist of Mangok & Trez. In other words……Bring It! #L1C4

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