ESPN’s Football Power Index projects Louisville to go 7-5 this season


ESPN’s Football Power Index, which you can read about here, projects the Louisville Cardinals to have an average season in 2014. They say the Cards will go 7-5. Sure, it’s a winning record, but looking at the schedule, I would think that 7-5 would be viewed as a disappointment among most Louisville fans.

Here is what they say about the Cards:


Projected record: 7-5 
Strength of schedule: 55 
Chance of undefeated season: 0% 
Odds of ACC title: 0.3% 
Conference rank: 9 

Maybe I am too optimistic, but I would like to think that we have a better chance than 0.3% to win the ACC. There is a chance we could lose to both Florida State and Clemson, sure. But if you beat one of them, you could sneak into the ACC Championship depending on tie-breakers. 0.3 is just VERY low. And 9th overall in the conference? Hopefully this little projection makes its way to Bobby Petrino’s office. Someone make that happen.

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