Video: Jameis Winston at ACC Kickoff

AP Photo/Chuck Burton
AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Maybe I am just extra giddy about the fact that Louisville is in the ACC, but I am loving all the coverage from ACC Kickoff (media day). In the past, I have usually just said that I am a Louisville fan and that I really don’t care about the rest of our conference. Even in years when we needed the other teams to win games to get respect for the league, which is nearly every year. But now that isn’t the case. We are finally in a great league. And for the time being, and this will probably last a long time, I am a fan of the conference.

In saying that, yes this is a Louisville blog, and yes we start the season with Miami. So why would I post some random stuff about Jameis Winston? Because honestly, if there was a face of an entire conference, it’s him. Heisman Trophy winner, National Champion, and great with the media. Like him or not, this guy is the face of the ACC heading into this season.

So here are a couple of interviews that he did on Sunday.

This one is with the media and comes from Does it look like his off-season trouble is weighing him down? Not at all.

This one is an interview with Clinton Portis, who played for the Miami Hurricanes. If this was the first time you ever heard Winston talk, you would think this is pretty boring. It is clear that they are just joking with each other, and that becomes apparent around the 2:00 mark.

And this one, well I am just not sure what it is.


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