Thursday’s thoughts on AAU Nationals (Antonio Blakeney)


When 5 star SG Antonio Blakeney received an offer from UK earlier this month some wondered if Rick Pitino would back off and move on. Today Pitino answered that question with a resounding NO! Pitino was front and center for all three of Blakeney’s games today and the 6’4 SG did not disappoint.

Blakeney flirted with a triple double in game one before ending with 25 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assist. While shooting around before game two I let Blakeney know just how close he was to the triple double to which he responded with a smile “I’ll get it this game”. Blakeney then took a few minutes to chat with current Louisville SG Terry Rozier. Over 3 games today Blakeney went for 60 plus points and showed the smooth stroke that has #CardNation hoping when it’s all said and done he’s in Red and Black.

Blakeney carries a certain swag with him  on and off the court. Whether it is letting the defender he just made look silly know about it or holding up the next games warm ups because the mass of reporters around him, Blakeney just has “It”. I came away from today extremely impressed and feeling pretty confident about the Cards chances. In the end I don’t think anyone knows where exactly Blakeney will end up but we do when it comes down to it the Cards WILL be there.

Blakeney’s E1T1 team will play Friday at 8am before beginning tournament play Friday afternoon. I recommend anyone in #CardNation that can gets out to watch the show. Follow Antonio Blakeney on twitter @Blakeney96


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  1. It’s in the bag. Blakeney will be a Cardinal and Louisville will wind up with it’s best recruiting class of the Pitino era. Go Cards!!

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