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Before I get to the point of the story, I want to just lay some things out. I am a calm and collective guy. Even at CSZ we rarely get into the name calling game, with the exception of the loose cannon Daryl Foust. I myself never get into the UL/uk wars because of family I have who support uk and anything I said would pertain to them. They are just as calm and non-confronting people as I am. They are rare. I also have been lucky enough to find friends that don’t fit the typical stereotype of the Kentucky fanatic. We are good to each other. My Uncle Jerry called me before the title game a few years back and said don’t worry, you got this. He is as blue as they come. So to all the people I love who are kentucky fans the following story will seem un-Jeremy like. I apologize. Yesterday I was on Twitter and seen the following tweets, apparently this was a thing yesterday:


Those were just a few examples. So here is the question I will pose. Ever graduate? Anyone with half of a brain knows that “never graduate” is ESPNU’s slogan. You could play the “I don’t have premium cable” card if ESPNU didn’t advertise on ESPN all of the time. Do you ever read? Do you know how high Louisville’s APR are in all sports annually? Click here to see for yourself. Perfect APR scores at that. If we were to do something like this we would be jealous. they do it and it’s “oh come on, you know it’s true”. It’s just ridiculous. I know we have some fans like that also but to the volume or extent of hateful things said. I am ok with good, clean fun but some of the responses that I couldn’t include, because of expletives, showed hate and people acting as if this was saying nobody graduates. Every time I get on it’s something else.

The man made mistakes, get over it people. None of us are perfect nor are our lives broadcast on social media all the time. Would you be so quick to judge if they were? Probably not. Back to my point. Some kentucky fans will latch onto whatever they can to make a joke at our expense. I thought we were suppose to be little brother? Who knows. I really wish that we lived in a world where we could all get along and just have good clean fun, unfortunately some of us will never graduate onto that part of our life.


P.S.-I don’t hate kentucky fans, I just don’t like ignorance from any one. However my friend Greg hates everything about them. He doesn’t have a Twitter. You cannot angry tweet him. lol


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