Silos on UofL’s campus to be demolished next week


Beginning on Monday July 28, the silos on the University of Louisville’s campus will begin to be demolished. If you travel I-65 often, seeing these silos may be apart of your everyday life. It will certainly be different and much more open when they are gone. I am not really sure how I feel about it. I like the signage and the promotion of the University, but looking at UofL’s campus and the amazing facilities, I trust that this will be the right move. Whether it ends up being a parking lot for football or another building in the future, it will surely be worth it.

UofL’s Director of Media Relations, Mark Hebert, gave this update:

The demolition of 22 silos at the former Solae property on Floyd Street is scheduled to begin the week of July 28.

A supervisor for LVI/NCM, which has been hired by the University of Louisville Foundation to clear the property, says a subcontractor from Illinois is bringing in specialized demolition equipment that will be used to knock down the silos beginning mid-week. 

Those who wish to watch the demolition, which will take a few days, will not be allowed on the 15-acre site, but should be able to see the work from Floyd Street.

The UofL Foundation purchased the former soybean production property in December. Once cleared, the property will open up the views of the Belknap campus to motorists along I-65 and will become, in the short term, a parking lot for UofL football games while the university explores future uses.


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