Writer says Strong didn’t leave Petrino enough talent to compete in ACC

AP Photo/Garry Jones
AP Photo/Garry Jones

There are a lot of question marks around this Louisville football team heading into the 2014 season. By the way, the season starts in less than 5 weeks, if you needed a reminder! Anyway, there are things to wonder about like the quarterback spot, playing the 3-4 defense, new coach, new conference, and everything else we have been hearing for months.

One thing that has never been an issue is whether or not Bobby Petrino is inheriting a very talented Louisville football team. That has just gone without saying, because it is pretty obvious. Caleb Calhoun, who writes for SaturdayBlitz.com, says the following quote in this article:

“Replacing Teddy Bridgewater as the Cardinals enter the ACC is hard enough. But Petrino also has to replace seven starters on defense, and Charlie Strong didn’t exactly blow the roof off in recruiting to leave Petrino with enough talent to compete in the ACC.” 

It seems at this point of the summer, with football right around the corner, people may be reaching for stories just to write something. If you follow Louisville football at all, you are well aware that Strong and his staff were very good recruiters and that there is plenty of talent on this team to go in and compete right away in the ACC. It’s just a matter of the new coaches and the players meshing well together.

On August 11, when we start doing our position previews on CardinalSportsZone.com, you will see how much talent this team has on it. Ok, you will just read about it (hopefully). You will SEE it September 1.

Get excited people. Football is close, and the Cards are ready to display all that talent!

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