Montrezl “Clearly separating himself” at Adidas Nations



The Cards have 3 counselors (Montrezl Harrell, Terry Rozier, and Chris Jones) at the Adidas Nation camp this week which is impressive all by itself. All seem to be performing well but Montrezl Harrell seems to be showing his dominance. Hardwood Insider (who is at the Adidas Nations) had this to say about Harrell:

The tournament started off with a morning session of stretching and drill work.  In the afternoon the players were broken into teams and began to scrimmage one another.  Although I did not see every game, I was able to take a peek at multiple games and there were a number of players that stood out to me.  On the college side of the tournament Montrezl Harrell clearly separated himself.  The 6’8 sophomore forward from Louisville seemed to play harder than everyone else at the camp.  He got a hand on every rebound or loose ball.  He also talked non-stop on defense, which is extremely important in a camp of this sort where players are not necessarily used to playing with one another.  In addition to Harrell’s effort he displayed his ability to move without ball and sneak behind defenders for easy dunks from dump offs from penetrating guards.  Harrell also displayed the ability to face up and attack the basket after catching it in the post.

Like I have said over and over the Cards will have the best PF in College Basketball next season. April road trip to Indianapolis anybody?? 🙂

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