Taquan Dean: Hungry And Driven


Here we are for the final installment of Hungry and Driven….for now. First things first. (Don’t Iggy me) Most of you know I have a column I do during peak sports season called 55. That column will be making its debut right before the UL/Miami football game Monday night September 1st. No set time as of now but starting the next week it will be back to its usual time, 7:55. We will be more interactive, more fun and bring you more info than ever. Also plan on having a few guest writers of 55 during the season. Stay tuned. Also here is a sneak peek at the brand new logo for 55 designed by CSZ’s good friend Tim of @UofLBirdsNest. If you aren’t following him on Twitter, do so now. He is awesome.

Here is the new logo:


Pretty smooth if you ask me……actually even if you don’t. It’s mine and I don’t care. lol. Thanks for your time and now it’s time for business.

In this weekly series we are going to let you watch one of the all time Louisville greats, Taquan Dean, doing what he loves to do, play basketball. This week I will release footage of former UofL Basketball Graduate Assistant Tim Gray putting Taquan through different workout movements to help evolve and sharpen his craft. In these videos you will see just how special Taquan is and how you may want to train if Basketball is your dream. His hard work, hustle and determination really shines through on the court. In the first video Taquan shows off some dribbling and shooting drills and in the last video Taquan shows what BeastMode really means. Enjoy!


Well I hope you have enjoyed this series. As Taquan sends me more stuff I will be sure to put it out for CardNation to see. Thank you again and GO Cards!

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