The Stemmys (My Midweek Awards)

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In this weeks edition of “The Stemmys” we will focus on the Cards 31-13 dismantling of the Canes.

Play of the week: Corvin Lamb TD

Lamb showed his amazing speed with this 97 yard kick return. Apart from being a great play it was just a great moment to see Lamb, who has battled back from injury, make the big play against his hometown school.

Heart stopping moment of the week: Skydivers 

It is possible I may be the only one that feels this way but MY GOODNESS what a rush. I don’t know what it is but my stomach stays in my throat the whole time these guys come in. Impressive as it is I sometimes just cant watch.

The “I Can’t believe this is actually happening!!” Award: PJCS now serves Mt. Dew Code Red

There were many amazing moments Monday night but for me this may be at the top. As we entered PJCS I noticed a certain logo. NO not the ACC logo but the logo of Mt. Dew Code Red. I am not sure I have been that excited in a long time. I bought 2.

Louisville Football Breakout Star Award: James Sample

There were stars all over the field Monday night but the 6’1 Sample blew me away. We all expected the former Army All-American to be impressive but he far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Sample led the team in tackles with 8 and added an interception. Time after time Sample came up to stop the run and gave us reason to believe we may have found a replacement for Calvin Pryor.

The Moment I realized Bobby was back Award: Going for it on 4th down on our side of the field.

4th down on our own side of the field and here comes the punter…….not so fast. When the offense ran back on the field and converted that 4th down I think we all sat back with a smile and said “Bobby’s back”.

“Beast” Award: Dom Brown

Brown was an absolute animal out there against the Canes. 33 carries for 143 yards and a TD is a great stat line for any game but the opener against Miami on ESPN?! Wow! To the guy in section 117 that kept complaining about us running the ball, you my friend are an idiot! Shew glad to get that off my chest.

The “I feel sorry for you” Award: Murray State Racers

I feel for the Murray State Racers this Saturday. Yes I understand the Racers put up 73 points against Union College this week and yes I love in state schools but hear me out. The Cards seemed to gain steam as the game went on against Miami and I don’t look for that steam to stop Saturday. I got the Cards 63-7.

“I don’t know how well that was thought through” Award: Crowd card trick while play resumed?

The Card trick in between the 1st and 2nd quarter a VERY cool to see. I have seen a lot of awesome things in PJCS and that is on that list. However the timing…..not so much. The last thing I, and apparently our entire defense heard was “Hold it right there so ESPN can come back to this shot”. As we all looked to that section ESPN had made their way back. The Canes then connected on a pass play that landed them at the 3 yard line and would score on that drive. You’re welcome Canes.


The Stemmy Award: Todd Grantham & The Louisville Cardinals Defense

I wont give this award out very often so when you see it you know it is special. This is one of those special occasions. The Nation tuned in to see Bobby Petrino’s offense but left saying “Wow!” about Todd Grantham’s defense. I don’t know if the Cards have ever had a defense that closes this fast. The Cards seemed to be everywhere Monday night holding one of the Nation’s top RB’s to a mere 90 yards.

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