Dominique Brown Tweets About His Playing Time

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

A lot of people recently have been asking about the status of Dominique Brown. It seems like Michael Dyer and Brandon Radcliff have taken over the running back responsibilities. L.J. Scott will get a carry every now and then, but senior Dominique Brown has been nowhere to be found.

In fact, he has not recorded a carry or reception since the Clemson game, which was back on October 11. Aside from the season opener against Miami, where Brown rushed for 143 yards, his most yards this season came at Virginia when he rushed for 74 yards.

Brown decided to take to twitter last night to address this issue on his lack of playing time, because we know how good of an idea that can be. Cornerback Andrew Johnson then responded to him.

Dominique Brown

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