TurkeyStock 2014: Help Families in Need


Sometimes, there are things more important than sports worth posting about, and this is one of those things. Jason Brown, a buddy of mine who runs “Brownies ‘The Shed’ Grille & Bar,” is putting together an event to help families for Thanksgiving. Here is what Jason posted on Facebook about the event:


We saw a story on WDRB about Thanksgiving in Jeopardy for a West Louisville Community Center who helps feed the needy because they don’t have enough Turkeys!

Well it’s time to use our network & friends to change that!
Next Tuesday November 18th will be Officially #TURKEYSTOCK2014!

We are trying to collect 100 Turkeys in 1 Day to help benefit the Plymouth Community Center in West Louisville!

We will be at Brownies The Shed next Tuesday from 12pm-8pm collecting the Turkeys to make sure over 400 families have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Who’s Down to Help?!?!

“Brownies” is located at 237 Whittington Parkway in Louisville. It is right behind P.F. Changs on Shelbyville Road. Let’s help feed some families in need! They want 100 turkeys. Let’s shatter that!

Follow “Brownies” on Twitter @BrowniesTheShed

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