Still no time set for UofL-UK Football

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

This is news that was announced yesterday, but some people may have not heard it yet. Normally, the kickoff time for Louisville vs Kentucky football would have been announced yesterday. However, ESPN has put the game on a “six-day hold” before deciding on a time.

What that means is that with so many other big games on November 29 (it is Rivalry day), ESPN wants to see what happens during this weekend’s slate of games to determine how important the games will be on November 29. So we will not know the time until Saturday night, at the earliest. It could be Sunday or even Monday. But I would guess late Saturday, after games have finished.

This is not very convenient if you are trying to make other plans. However, this is what happens when you are apart of a good conference. If we were still in the AAC, you know this probably would have been a nooner and already decided. Besides, there should be no other plans. The whole day should be about this game!

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