Quick Reaction: Louisville vs Georgia Post Game

Photo: WHAS11
Photo: WHAS11

The football season is over for the Louisville Cardinals. While the 9-4 record is very good and I would call the season a success, that will be for another post. This one is just quick knee-jerk reactions to the Belk Bowl. The Louisville Cardinals fell to the Georgia Bulldogs 37-14 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cards got Chubbed – We knew who the main threat on offense was for the Georgia Bulldogs, true freshman running back Nick Chubb. That didn’t seem to matter as Chubb ran all over the Cards for 266 yards and 2 touchdowns. He set records as well. I believe they said it was the most rushing yards by a Georgia player in a bowl game, as well as a Belk Bowl record. He was just incredible. Even with Georgia not having a great quarterback in any part of the game, Chubb was a beast. I think they will be just fine without Todd Gurley next season. Louisville just had trouble all game bringing him down.

3rd downs – Anytime Georgia faced a 3rd down and it felt like the Cards could get some momentum with a stop, the Bulldogs would convert it for the first down. That is one of the biggest disappointments for a defense, when you know you are that close to getting off the field and then you give up a first down. For the game, Georgia was 12-19 on 3rd down conversions.

Two Quarterbacks – Just because Bobby Petrino said that he planned to play both Kyle Bolin and Reggie Bonnafon did not mean that he actually had to do that. I didn’t like the move to take out Bolin at that point in the game. I hopped on twitter for a few minutes during that time, and I certainly was not alone in feeling that. It stopped any rhythm that Louisville had on offense. By the time Bolin got back into the game in the 2nd half, the Cards trailed by 13. And if you ask me, Bolin is more of a Petrino QB than Bonnafon anyways. Why change it up there? I don’t get paid millions to make those decisions, but I just like to stick with what gives you the best chance to win. And that appeared to be Bolin.

DeVante – A pause from the negativity to recognize how good DeVante Parker is. Geez. Just throw it his way and let him improve your stats. Quite possibly the best wide receiver in the history of UofL, he will truly be missed next season. Just glad he came back this season and gave us the highlights that he did!

Announcers – Is there a way to click a button on the TV and listen to Paul Rogers? That was just terrible. We heard “Kyle Bonnafon.” Anytime it was 3rd down, the graphic on the screen was circled so you knew it was 3rd down. The color commentator asked someone on the air about a rule he didn’t know about. They said Kyle Bolin was 0 for his last 10 after he had just completed a pass a couple of plays before. I guess with the College Football Playoff around the corner, the “A” team of announcers for ESPN are gearing up for those games.

We move on – Like I said, I will probably do a separate post about the season in general because it was a success to me. These are just quick thoughts as the game just wrapped up. I am Mr. Positive, but there were a lot of ugly things in this game. Things will be just fine in the future and I am very excited for where the program is right now. This was just one of those nights that the Cards didn’t come to play. Combine that with the basketball game this past Saturday, and it just kind of stings a little bit more.

But we will move on and be fine. Go Cards!

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