Auburn Certainly Tried to Flip G.G. Robinson’s Commitment


If anyone has been tired of all of the back and forth with G.G. Robinson and his recruitment, it has been me. It got to the point where I was just ready for him to sign with Florida or Auburn. I didn’t even have a post ready for him yesterday to say that he had signed; I just didn’t think it would happen.

But now that he is officially a Louisville Cardinal, none of that matters now and we (or I) can move on. He is one of us now. In this article on, it is pretty clear that the Auburn Tigers did just about everything they could to get Robinson to flip his commitment and play his football on the Plains.

“I told (Auburn) at the end of the conversation I was going to stick with Louisville, then they talked me backed into it. So I slept on it, and when I woke up I was still torn and didn’t know where I wanted to go,” G.G. Robinson said. “I told them to respect my decision and that I wanted to go to Louisville, so they stopped calling me and they started calling my Dad.”

Auburn didn’t hold back any punches when they reached out to Gerald Robinson. In addition to Malzahn and a slew of assistant coaches calling him, he also received word from his legendary former head coach Pat Dye and Athletic Director Jay Jacobs.

The elder Robinson said in the end he was happy that his son made his own decision.

“It was tough, because you know I’m an Auburn guy,” Gerald Robinson said. “I’ll always be an Auburn guy. They pulled out everything yesterday trying to get us to change our mind. They even got my old coach, coach (Pat) Dye to call me. Jay Jacobs called me this morning, one of my old college buddies called me, they did a lot to get us at the last minute too late.

“If they would have came at us months ago, we probably would have never been in this situation right now. I know my heart is at Auburn, he stills loves Auburn, but I’m very proud of him for staying with his gut. He feels like Louisville is the best spot for him, and I’m going to support him 100 percent because I truly believe Louisville is a great spot for him, even though Auburn could have been a great place for him too, but I think he made a good choice staying with Louisville.”

I must say that I am surprised that he stuck with Louisville. Now we really don’t know if there was still a spot for him at Auburn after the Tigers picked up all of their commitments on Signing Day, but that’s neither here nor there at this point. Clearly, on Tuesday night, they had room for him and tried everything (short of Bo Jackson going to his house) to get him.

With his dad playing there in the ’80s and me living in Auburn for four years and personally knowing how life and football are down there, I wouldn’t have blamed him one bit for choosing Auburn. Obviously I am glad that he is a Cardinal, but I am realistic enough to know that passing up Auburn in this situation had to be difficult to say the least.

Welcome to the ‘Ville G.G..Go Cards!

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  1. Kudos to this young man’s parents for raising him with integrity. Welcome to the fold, Robinson family, and GO CARDS!

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