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FINALLY!! (The Rock Voice) Ok maybe not that extreme, but we are excited to announce that will we now venture into the realm of the podcast! The Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast will debut this Monday, March 2nd at noon.

Justin, Jeremy, and myself are all avid sports talk listeners and enjoy all the shows from 93.9 The Ville to the podcast put on by our friends over at The Crunch Zone. Quite frankly, we just want to throw our two cents in. We also see the serious need for something “Louisville” to listen to in the mid day hours. (I mean I know CardNation how much we all enjoy KSR……………..yea me neither). We hope to solve both of these problems with this podcast.

The show will be a live show (lasting around 30 minutes) and can be accessed from your computer or mobile phone. All shows will also be archived and available to listen to right here on CardinalSportsZone.com

Podcast Info

When: Every Monday and Friday

Time: Noon (can be flexible if the Cards were to play in the NCAA Tournament at that time.)

Phone Number: 914-338-0180

Twitter #: #CSZPodcast


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