Kyle’s Korner: 3/16/15


By Kyle Kuric:

Hey Cardfam!

It is Kyle Kuric from Spain! I wanted to thank everyone again for donating toys to my Christmas Toy Drive! Mangok and Anas had a great time delivering them and putting smiles on the kids faces.

I am currently playing for Herbalife Gran Canaria located in the Canary Islands. The team plays in 2 leagues the Spanish ACB  league and the Eurocup league. I’ll talk about the Eurocup league this time.

Eurocup starts with 32 teams from all over Europe in the fall. We play games against teams in our group from France and Germany with the top four teams moving to the next round. We were undefeated in the 1st round so we moved to the second where we played teams from Turkey, Italy, and Montenegro. In this round we played Edgar Sosa’s Italian team. We lost one game to the Banvit Turkey team in this round but still finished first in our group and moved to the Eighth Finals.

Last Wednesday, we won against Cedevita, a Croatian team, to advance to the quarterfinals of the competition. We play a team from Izmir, Turkey this coming week, which happens to have another formal Cardinal, Juan Palacios. The first game this Wednesday will be at home and the second game in Turkey the following week. The points are cumulative, so if we win here by 7 and lose there by 6, then we advance to final 4 of Eurocup.

In my personal life, my wife and I are very happy to announce that she is pregnant with twins!!! She is 15 weeks pregnant now, and will probably be delivering them mid to late August! I am so excited but still shocked that it’s twins!! Future players for UofL class of 2033!! Hahaha.

Kyle Kuric 2 Kyle Kuric

That is what has been going on in the Canary Islands in Spain! Next time I’ll talk about the ACB league.

I am looking forward to watching the Cards make a deep run in the NCAA tournament!

Go Cards!


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  1. Congratulations to you and your wife on you upcoming additions. I’m sure they will be basketball players (if girls or boys). It was interesting to hear what you are doing. Did not realize that you were in Spain. Also, glad to hear about the other UL players. Take care and will be keeping up with your life. GO CARDS!!!!!

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