Quick Halftime Thoughts: Louisville vs Northern Iowa


Just wanted to take a quick minute here and talk about how that first half went for the Cards and point out some of my thoughts…

*Terry Rozier has decided to take over this game and I don’t think he will let the Cards lose this one. He is in his “Dwayne Wade” mode, and that is just fine with me.

*Quentin Snider just continues to hit big shots. I am telling you, and I said it when Chris Jones was dismissed, this experience he has gotten at the end of the season will be huge for the future. He is already proving to be a big-time player.

*I love seeing Jaylen Johnson get some minutes. He had 3 points and 4 rebounds in that half. Very solid.

*Apparently Pitino is not finished with Anton Gill.

*Congrats to Wayne Blackshear on joining the 1,000 point club at UofL. Very under-appreciated player and career. Good job Wayne.

*Need to keep playing physical with their main big guy, Mr. Tuttle.

Mr. Tuttle

*Other than that, feeling very good about how this game is going. This tournament, especially today, has been kind of crazy though. So anything can happen. Let’s put this one away.

Go Cards!

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