Update on Maverick Rowan 4/21/15

Photo: Rivals.com
Photo: Rivals.com

Chip Miller of 247 Sports has provided an update on 2016 player Maverick Rowan, who is trying to reclassify to 2015. If he is able to reclassify, and really even if he is not able to, the Louisville Cardinals appear to be a front-runner to land the 6’7 small forward from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We knew that Rowan needed two more classes to graduate early and enroll in college for the 2015-16 season. It sounds like his current high school, Cardinal Gibbons, is not helping him out very much to get this done.

“Right now there’s a lot of obstacles,” Rowan told 247Sports at the Adidas Gauntlet in Duncanville. “The school (Cardinal Gibbons) I’m at right now is not helping me graduate. So, there are a lot of obstacles right now. I’m still looking into it, but it’s really tough right now.”

Asked what help Rowan was getting from Cardinal Gibbons, Rowan was upfront with his frustration.

“They’re not helping me,” Rowan said. “They’re not letting me graduate. I think it’s intentional.”

“I am looking at a private school to take summer courses,” Rowan continued. “But for me to take the summer courses, someone else would have to fail at the private school for them to offer the course. We’re waiting on that but there are a lot of obstacles right now.”

You can read the rest of the update on 247 Sports right here.

As it stands now, Louisville has two spots left for next year’s team. The three main options are Rowan, Damion Lee, and Sterling Smith (Coppin State transfer who will visit Wednesday).

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