Update on Maverick Rowan: Not Allowed to Comment on Louisville?

Photo: 247 Sports
Photo: 247 Sports

It was a strange Friday night for Louisville target Maverick Rowan. The Cards have one spot left to fill for next season’s team. That spot looks to be reserved for Rowan, and if he can’t reclassify to 2015, the scholarship may just be saved and not used for this season.

Rowan was in Lexington on Friday playing in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. Yes, Nike. Not only that, he played for the Each1Teach1 team, better known as E1T1. That is the same team that Antonio Blakeney played for. Remember Blakeney committed to Louisville and then about (what seemed like) 10 seconds later, he decommitted and ultimately ended up choosing LSU, a Nike school.

In a press conference soon after, Rick Pitino had his rant about shoe companies and their involvement in college athletics. He couldn’t mention Blakeney by name, but it was obvious what sparked this discussion. I am not sure if that press conference had anything to do with it, but the coaches for E1T1 CLEARLY do not like the University of Louisville.

After Rowan’s game last night, where he scored 23 points, he met with some of the media to answer questions about his recruitment. This is where things got even more awkward. Steve Jones of the Courier-Journal is the guy you will see in the video asking Rowan questions.

Around the 1:30 mark, Jones asked Rowan if he has heard from Louisville in the last week or two. You then hear a coach from E1T1 interject and say “No comment on that.” Strange, because the coach wasn’t asked a question, the kid was, the 18 year old kid who can speak for himself. Jones then asked the coach “No comment on what?” The answer he got? “Louisville questions.” Well, OK.

The video is courtesy of The Cardinals Beak, or Ru4UofL.com. The Beak also gave his rundown on the interview situation.

Steve Jones of the Courier Journal started off the interview and it was the most uncomfortable 4 minutes that you could imagine. Rowan didn’t seem that excited to be speaking with the media and seemed like he would rather be left alone. In the interview below you will see a kid that seems much undecided and one that will probably stay in school for his senior season. I’m not a recruiting expert and never claimed to be one, but in my opinion Rowan will end up at a school not named Louisville and it won’t be in 2015. In the video you will also here a voice of a coach that refused to let Rowan be asked about Louisville. I have edited the video per EYBL request so as to protect the coach’s identity. You will hear Steve ask about not being able to talk about Louisville. It was a very awkward moment to say the least. I had a great night but have to admit this interview really left a bad taste in my mouth. There were several other guys around including myself waiting to ask Rowan a few questions but after Steve got finished Maverick was rushed away by the coaches.

You can read Jones’ article about it here. He doesn’t really talk about the weird moment, but focuses on the comments from Rowan about reclassifying.

For what it’s worth, this tweet was sent later last night after word had started to get around about the coaches from E1T1 not letting Rowan talk about Louisville.

To me, Rowan just looked like a kid that wanted nothing to do with that interview and he looks very frustrated by his situation. I think if he is able to reclassify and signs with Louisville, you will see someone much more relaxed and happy. You certainly don’t get that in this interview, and I don’t know who would be happy with coaches like that around you anyway.

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