Lorenzo Mauldin Gets Emotional on Conference Call After Being Drafted

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com
Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

By now, you are probably familiar with the story of Lorenzo Mauldin. How he was passed around from foster home to foster home as a child as both of his parents were in jail. With everything stacked against him and plenty of excuses to not succeed in life, the fact that Lorenzo was drafted to the NFL on Friday night makes his story so much more incredible.

And if you aren’t familiar with his story, here are a couple of links from ESPN’s Andrea Adelson to help you understand.

Lorenzo Mauldin carves his own path

Lorenzo Mauldin’s story of Triumph

After being picked on Friday night, Mauldin was on a conference call with local media with the New York Jets. He immediately broke town and got emotional when talking. It is easy to understand why. I think I speak for everyone when I say just how happy we are as Cards fans to see Lorenzo succeed and make it to the NFL. Best of luck to him!

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