CardinalSportsZone Podcast 5/8/15; Baseball, Draft Contracts & Podcast Change?

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If you didn’t or couldn’t listen to the CardinalSportsZone podcast live today, it’s available here! We talk HUGE Baseball series vs FSU, Card draft picks sign contracts and some podcast changes, plus much, much more. We have a podcast tab where all episodes will be kept. You can also favorite in your browser. The CardinalSportsZone podcast is available on iTunes! Click on the badge below to subscribe today! Call in to the show on Monday’s at our new time included in the podcast at (914) 338-0180. (No Spoiler!)

As always we hope you enjoy todays episode of the CardinalSportsZone Podcast:




If you want to listen to the CardinalSportsZone podcast do the following:

Go to or hit one of the links we tweet or facebook out. Some variation of this next screen should pop up.


Click on the play button at the bottom left corner of the screen (on your phone) or top left corner of your screen (if it is a pc) if it doesn’t auto-load the podcast. Don’t click the play button in the middle of the CSZ logo. Then sit back and enjoy!

Thanks for your support and Go Cards!!

4 Replies to “CardinalSportsZone Podcast 5/8/15; Baseball, Draft Contracts & Podcast Change?”

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