Maverick Rowan to make reclassification decision in the next 2 weeks

Photo: 247 Sports
Photo: 247 Sports

If you are a Louisville Basketball fan you have probably heard the name Maverick Rowan. It was widely rumored that Rowan would attempt to finish the last couple classes he needed and graduate this summer. Rowan ran into a problem when his current high school Cardinal Gibbons seemed to not be sure how they could make this work. Last we heard Rowan was looking for a school to make this happen and it appears he may have done just that. Rowan’s father told the following to the Post-Gazette:

“Nothing is definite yet. We just have to make a decision,” said Ron Rowan. “I found a place he can graduate from. He can take the two classes he needs.

“If he decides he wants to go to college [this fall], then that’s a decision that needs to be within the next 10 days, because he will have to start summer school right after school ends [at Cardinal Gibbons]. If he doesn’t go to college, then there is a little bit of time to make a decision.”

Rowan’s father made it clear that the family had 3 options: stay at Cardinal Gibbons, go back to his original high school Lincoln Park, or graduate early and attend college. If Rowan opts for the latter expect him to be in a Louisville uniform next season.

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