Brett Favre Has Good Things to Say About Teddy Bridgewater


We all love Teddy Bridgewater, and we know how good he is. We were disappointed when he fell to the end of the first round of the NFL Draft. But the further you fall, the better team (usually) you land with. So the situation for Teddy is probably better than if he were drafted in Jacksonville (Blake Bortles) or Cleveland (Johnny Manziel).

During an impressive rookie season in 2014, it was nice to hear people around the country finally take notice of how good Bridgewater was. We knew it, but to have others catching on was a good feeling.

It is also pretty cool when one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game has good things to say about Teddy, and that is exactly what happened when Brett Favre got to talking to Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune.

“I think [Bridgewater] had a really good year, for a rookie, I thought he had a really good year,” the future Hall of Fame quarterback said. “I thought he played exceptional in college [at Louisville]. I had a chance to meet him here at Winter Park a couple of days ago. I was very impressed with him. I’m impressed with his skills and the way he handled himself his first year. So I look forward to bigger and better things from him.”

Favre said that after an exceptional rookie season, the big issue for Bridgewater going forward will be to maintain the trust of his teammates.

“I think you have to win the support of your guys, and I’m not saying he hasn’t done that, in the face of adversity, which he’ll have that,” Favre said. “I think he has done a good job of that. He has to show that he is the leader and he can make those plays when needed.”

Nice things to say, but we still haven’t forgotten this, Brett.

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