Help a former Louisville Cardinal who is battling Lymphoma

Pete Nochta on the right
Pete Nochta on the right

The best thing we can do is help other people. And right now, one of our former Louisville Cardinal football players is in need of our help. Pete Nochta, who played tight end for the Cards from 2007-2010 has been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Pete also came back to UofL as a tight ends coach with Bobby Petrino last season. He decided to pursue different things just before this all happened.

I first learned of this on the Facebook page of Mario Benavides, who played center for the Cards from 2008-2012, and is one of Nochta’s best friends in the world. He posted the following status, who he got from Alyssa Crosby, a former Louisville cheerleader who is also in their circle of friends.

Hello, everyone! As many of you may know, one of my great friends, Pete Nochta , was recently diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and will be starting treatment this coming Monday. Chemotherapy treatment is not only extremely stressful emotionally, but financially as well.

I’ve put together a fund through a great organization called Bravelets™. Thanks to my amazing mom sending me a “Bravelet” to support a different charity, I found out that you can raise money for a specific cause! These bracelets are worn to help you be strong and brave in tough situations. There are items for men and women in an assortment of colors and styles. Please follow the link provided to be directed to “Pete’s Lymphoma Fund” and each item purchased through this portal will automatically donate $10 to Pete and his family to help fund his treatment!

If you don’t know Pete and you’d still like to help, please read his story on his page in support of his cause and wear your new piece of jewelry to remind yourself to be brave, keep faith alive, and live each day in the moment. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry for you or you’re giving one as a gift, your donation and support is greatly appreciated!

Please share this post to spread the word and help support Pete through his upcoming journey! Thank you all so very much.

Click here for the link to Pete’s Lymphoma Fund.

The simple purchase of a bracelet, and yes it looks like you can get them in red and black, could go a long way to help Pete and his family. Let’s rally together as Louisville Cardinals fans, and as human beings, and help someone in our UofL family!

If you don’t wish to purchase something from that website, you can also just make a simple donation that goes straight to his fund.

Click here for Pete Nochta’s GoFundMe page.

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