A Message from Pete Nochta

Pete Nochta

As you may or may not know by now, former Louisville Cardinals football player Pete Nochta has been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. I first posted about his story on Sunday morning. Since then, the ball has been rolling and people have been incredible with their generous donations.

As of 7:40 this morning, $26,785 has been raised to help Pete and his family during this tough time where finances can get extremely expensive. That is right, almost $30,000 just since Sunday! I asked Pete to give us an update on his status last night and if he had anything else to say. Here is what he told me…

“The first thing I want to do is thank everyone for all the support! I am in shock still, with the amount of people who have sent me encouraging messages, purchased bravelet’s in support, and donated money to the gofundme account. On top of that, I have talked to multiple people looking to host fundraising events in the near future. I am thankful to have so many people on my side, because I was hesitant to let everyone know at first. However, knowing that I am not going into this battle alone is such a powerful feeling.

I received my first treatment on Monday and feel pretty good right now. The treatment itself went pretty smoothly, and I feel pretty strong right now. I am told that most of the time you do not feel major side effects until days 3-5 post treatment, so we will wait and see what the days ahead bring.

Everyone’s support along with the support of the Great Healer, God himself, will get me through this trial and I can’t wait to share my story for many years to come!”

Along with the gofund me account, there have also been almost 200 bravelets sold, which would be another $2,000 towards the family! I will continue to post updates as I get them. Thank you to all who have donated or just simply spread the message. Sometimes that is good enough because it brings attention to the cause. Links are below if you would like to donate or share.

Click here to donate to Pete’s GoFundMe page.

Click here to purchase a bravelet. 

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