UK Quarterback “can’t wait” to play Louisville


I was going to title this “Patrick Towles ‘can’t wait’ to play Louisville”, but I figured nobody would know who I was talking about and wouldn’t click on the link.

Patrick Towles is the quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats. In last season’s game, where 3rd string QB Kyle Bolin (from Lexington) threw for 381 yards and 3 touchdowns in less than 3 quarters of action, Towles was 14/29 for 176 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. The second interception was to Gerod Holliman to wrap up the win for the Cards. It also tied the NCAA interception record in a season for Holliman.

So naturally, Towles took to Instagram to say that he can’t wait to get another shot at the Cards. It is nice to know that Louisville is on his mind in June. Our team is prepping for Auburn. Towles appears to be ready for a game in November. However, when that time comes Patrick, I am pretty sure the Louisville defense will be chomping at the bit to “get another shot” at playing you and padding their stats.

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