Quentin Goodin has new top 5; Cards not in it

Photo: ESPN.com
Photo: ESPN.com

Taylor County High School 4-star guard Quentin Goodin (class of 2016) recently released a top 5 list that was Louisville, Western Kentucky, Xavier, Florida, and Miami. Now it appears that the Cards are out of the mix, and Michigan is in.

I am not sure of the reasoning of this. Maybe Goodin just had a change of heart and didn’t feel as comfortable with Louisville. Maybe the Cards decided to recruit someone else since they will only have three open scholarships for 2016. Anything is just speculation right now, and it really doesn’t matter. Bottom line is Louisville is no longer in the top 5 for Quentin Goodin. We wish nothing but the best for the local guard.

Another bottom line, below the former bottom line…..the Cards will be VERY good in 2016, and I am excited to see who fills those scholarships. One is taken by 5-star V.J. King. Now Kenny Johnson and Mike Balado can put all of their efforts into just two more spots? Yes please!

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